The carpooling app for your daily commutes

...And make many friends on the way!
Our mission

Zify is a flexible and intelligent carpooling application that allows drivers and passengers sharing a similar itinerary to travel together. Our objective is to make carpooling the go-to mobility solution. Zify’s mobile application facilitates your daily commutes, no matter the time or place. Download the app and create a user profile and you will have Zify’s mobility solution at the tip of your fingers. Enter your mobility preferences and fill out your profile and we will take care of the rest!


We at Zify are committed to safeguarding the environment! Carpooling helps to limit the number of cars on our roads, which has a direct impact on decreasing traffic as well as resulting CO2 emissions.

Simply put, sharing is caring!


Our collaborative mobility platform will allow our users to save money. As a driver, you reimburse your vehicle costs. As a passenger, you divide your travel costs and avoid any expenditure associated with owning a car.

Who said commuting was expensive?


We connect carpoolers together, allowing them to join an active, responsible and cohesive web of commuters. Zify as a mobility service will allow you to feel the sense of joy and sharing that all commuters should experience during their daily commutes.

It’s never been easier to make friends with Zify!

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